• Life Wellness Center (map)
  • 376 Tompkins Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11216
  • United States

It’s storytime for grownups!

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What is it? ­­– A gathering of people over a family-style food spead, drink and stories. This gathering is a series of non-fiction narratives shared by storytellers across various disciplines – writers, singers, dancers, visual artists, food experts and more. Each gathering is themed, inviting folks to divulge their fun, laughable, embarrassing, exciting, weird and thrilling experiences.

Why? – Black narratives play a role in the way our community learns, develops and transcends. It’s through stories we come together, make decisions, are inspired, cultivate new relationships, heal, acknowledge differences, gather, fall in love, worship and laugh. The goal of this gathering is to reestablish the human touch in storytelling, like the fireside chat or the village griot culture.

Where is it? – Life Wellness Center; Brooklyn, NY

Who is telling stories? – They’re locals and travelers, Black and Brown folks, men and women, gay and straight, po’ folk and comfy, people people, awkwards and more. Storytellers TBA.

What do you get? - There will be food and drink: salads, potatoes, proteins (for most dietary needs), desserts, liquor; laughter and contemplation; music from DJ Devanity; community and love. $10 massages will be available too!

Tickets: $35 Early Bird Ends June 30

$45 General Admission

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