choose a hood

Visit and explore neighborhoods you’re interested in visiting.

Check out what locals have to say about their community. We offer first person accounts, interviews and stories told by the locals. Each story offers a different perspective about the neighborhood. 

choose an experience

Each neighborhood offers a variety of experiences. Choose the experiences that speak most to your interests, needs and desires. Then book an itinerary for a date during your trip.

Beyonder will send you a confirmation email along with a physical mini-magazine that includes your itinerary, stories about the locals, maps and tips about the neighborhood.


When you take your trip, you will follow the itinerary on your own, interacting with the locals, like a local. You'll have conversations with the local practitioners, artists and residents. 

At the end of your trip, we’ll send you a survey so you can tell us about your experience. Plus, if you love us, we’ll definitely want to share your testimony with the rest of the world! And if you don't, we'll cry and try to make it all better.

Happy exploring.